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Dame Vera Baird spoke at the initial teacher training event funded by the Northumberland County Council Health & Wellbeing Team supported by Northumbria Police, NDAS, Northumberland Adolescent Services Health Participation Group, Open Clasp Theatre Company, BAIT Arts Programme and R. The performances are to be delivered in every high school and a range of community venues in Northumberland.

A total of 37 performances and workshops will take place to ensure an equal chance for wider community to access the drama and workshops.

The project will be evaluated throughout the whole process from the planning and development stages to delivery to audiences. More about the film In order to have a broad reach, the film focused on the general issue rather than the specifics of the work that NDAS carries out.

To suit social platforms, the film is short and no more than 90 seconds long with an attention grabbing opening, a complex emotional journey and a hard-hitting ending. Our main objectives for the drama and film are to: • Open up the conversation about psychologically damaging relationships • Speak to young audiences by focussing on your young person’s service, in schools or youth/community settings • Highlight the difficulties of living in a remote area • Prevent young people engaging in unhealthy relationships/sexual exploitation.

Ryan Wilkins, CEO, said, “We chose to make this film to change the way people see and understand domestic abuse.

Many people believe domestic abuse is physical abuse, and that’s just not the case.”. Our partnership won the Northumbria Health Partnership Award 2016 for this work.

Emotional abuse is name-calling, isolating from friends and family, emotional mind games and threatening behaviour or language.

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If there are still concerns you should contact the numbers above.In reality they are being used for sex, and the ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ may pass them on to other people too.(Remember – sexual abusers can be women, as well as men.) Sexual exploitation can also occur without any physical contact with children being groomed to post sexual images of themselves online or take part in sexual activities via webcam or smartphone.Issues dealt with include contraception, pregnancy, family planning clinics, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure and relationships.

Centrepoint - support for young people affected by homelessness The Hide Out - support if you're affected by domestic abuse NHS Choices - health advice for young people Carers trust - advice for young carers Childnet - staying safe online Pace - online information and support for parents and professionals of young people being sexually exploited Students against depression - site contains excellent information and help for anyone feeling depressed National Youth Advocacy Service - provides information, advice, advocacy and legal representation to young people up to 25 The Mix - essentialsupport for under 25s on all issues important to young people, including relationships, your body, money, crime, study and lifestyle.The video is now on the NDAS website ready for viewing at: Qo Tf-5ug68 The film highlights the dangers of emotional abuse in teenage relationships.