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Arabian ouds have a scale length of between 61 cm and 62 cm in comparison to the 58.5 cm scale length for Turkish.There exists also a variety of electro-acoustic and electric ouds.The ancestor of the oud, the barbat was in use in pre-Islamic Persia.Since the Safavid period, and perhaps because of the name shift from barbat to oud, the instrument gradually lost favor with musicians.Following the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of the Ba'athist regime in 2003, however, the increasing fervor of Islamic militants who consider secular music to be haraam (sinful) forced many oud players and teachers into hiding or exile.

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The Arabian ouds, such as the Iraqi oud, Egyptian oud and Syrian oud, are normally grouped under the term 'Arabian oud' because of their similarities, although local differences may occur, notably with the Iraki oud.

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