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He’s shown to a waiting squad car where a sympathetic police constable breaks the eerie silence. The panic that follows is one any parent will recognise, but for most of us it lasts just a few moments.

The Child In Time, a deeply moving exploration of love and loss, looks at what happens when your child doesn’t come back.

‘This child is born out of a very beautiful, intimate, private and caring relationship, and that is shattered as they both go on a separate journey of grief,’ says Benedict.

I watched it for the first time recently and it’s a very emotional story but it’s not depressing.Sophie didn’t read the script and she hasn’t read the books so I suppose that’s an example of how you try to separate the two things in this instance.’He says there was one particularly affecting scene.‘There’s a passage in the book, which we dramatise, where Stephen imagines he’s seen his daughter, three years after he’d lost sight of her in the supermarket,’ he explains.‘You lost her,’ shouts Julie in one agonised exchange, as she explains that her heart is broken all over again whenever her husband comes back without her.

Within weeks, their relationship has fractured to such an extent that Julie retreats to a cottage while Stephen immerses himself in work and occasional dinners with friends.

‘I had a desire to portray someone closer to me, someone who didn’t require hours in make-up,’ he says.