Dynamics ax updating number sequence

12-Dec-2017 18:41

This will become more clear as we introduce our next model for the accelerometer.

In the previous model we have fixed the gravitation force and rotated our imaginary box.

The pressure that the ball has applied on the wall was caused by a gravitation force.

In theory it could be a different type of force – for example, if you imagine that our ball is metallic, placing a magnet next to the box could move the ball so it hits another wall.

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There are actually similar sensors that have metallic balls inside, they are called tilt switches, however they are more primitive and usually they can only tell if the device is inclined within some range or not, not the extent of inclination.Please notice the following relation: R^2 = Rx^2 Ry^2 Rz^2 (Eq.1) which is basically the equivalent of the Pythagorean theorem in 3D.Let's go back to our box model, and let's rotate the box 45 degrees to the right.

The ball will touch 2 walls now: Z- and X- as shown in the picture below: The values of 0.71 are not arbitrary, they are actually an approximation for SQRT(1/2).You can research all those and achieve wonderful but complex results.

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