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Jang Yoon-Ha is the youngest daughter of a chaebol (family owned conglomeration). Does anyone know the guy who acted as Jang Yoon Ha's secretary in the last episode ?

Even though her family is extremely wealthy, she holds a part-time job at a food market. I had been searching about him because he looks so charming in that drama although he just come out for just around 20 seconds.. I really like how Uee plays a ritch girl but, has her mind set to be an independent women until she meets Sung Joon's character, he is from poor parents but has a good education to be off on his own.

I hope he fights through his love with JY because those precious memories can't be forgotten.

I still follow this show and i will follow till end. I can that the first eight can made only 4-5 episode.

Ji Yi is a woman who has a commited for her self to marriage someone with changsoo parents permission even Ji Yi was poor girl.. I understand she felt the need to carry out her brother's stocks/USB secrets, but now she's gunning for her sister's position, in which I do not understand. Oh and now i've figured it out, depression is the key for shaebol parents, lol. I have tried to give it chance after the first episode, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and even the sixth but truly I can't keep watching this drama anymore. you could fall in love with lead and second lead at the same time (of kos i'm bias to second lead couple more ^^) Can't believe its nearing the end.. Lead couple romance might be a bit boring at the beginning but nearing the end its nice and sweet lol.. And for sure Chang Soo and Ji Yi couple the reason i'm watching this drama with tissues ^^ I really like sung joon but idk why I get the feeling that he's the bad guy, I've only watched 6 episodes so far so idk yet, don't wanna read the comments so I would discover the events on my own x) anyway love this drama so far, the cast is really good and everything is perfect. and mann, their chemistry is da bomb...although I dont really like the main relationship with uee and sung joon, I would still recommend this drama..focus on the secondary leads relationship x D .. I'm on 13th episode, 3 more episode to watch, but it still so complicated and I have no idea about the ending! this drama you cannot predict what would be happen next since i thought that jang yoon ha father will be stroke and Jang Ye-Won and yoon ha will fight for the company position but i was strong since it was just mild. Joon gi and yi gi was good couple since same level and he was good compare chang soo was childish and boastful and selfish. everything about this drama is...words can actually define it...i always watch kdrama but this one is really really really beautiful...i watch it because of sung joon im a fan ofcourse but i didnt expect it to be this good..now ep 14 tonite and its sadden me because it will end soon but it is really worth watching it...i wish it was always monday and tuesday beacuse its high society day..those who love kdrama watch high society its beyond your expectation...

I don't find her reason "I want to live in my reality" as a plausible reason. And asking your ex to help you with getting your products into the mall and not creditting them when telling Ji Yi? The story is not attractive, the actors are quite bad.... I would rate it one star from 5 or 10% That's all ! simple plot yet the progress, dialog, scene totally awesome! I mean u can always skip the main relationship parts x DD true, the story is so classic, just like common korean drama. Has everyone forgotten the moments with Changsoo and Ji Yi since they root for Changsoo and Yoonha instead.......

What i can is, their plot from episode 1 to 8 very slow. I love Joon Ki 's characters more than those three leads.

He is the only person who think deeply, mature, caring and understanding realities as real human being.

I didnt like it at first seeing it's UEE (I havent move on from Gu Min nam He's Beautiful) but while watching I must say UEE can act and she's good but upon realizing that she's not gonna end uo with Park Hyung Sik, I lost interest to continue .I specially like Uee s and her brothers characters. Atleast in this drama, there was actually a development in the important characters. Yoon Ha on the other hand, proves that she may have access to all the riches and leisures, but she still preferred and dreamed of a life of contentment and love. There will come a point in our lives that we will need somebody's help, may it be from our family, relative, or someone we will meet in the future. Now aside from the couples-story they had that "who will be the next president/leader of the company" side storyline going on between the other members of Yoon Ha's family.I don't know why I longed for Uee and hyun sik union in this drama. Even though it kinda slow at first, as the episodes pass it felt so great as both of the main pair suit each other chemistry so well! It's just funny that I actually love the main couple at first but switched to second couple later. She grew up strong and almost independent, to the point that she actually made wise decisions for herself that people today with her age can't possibly choose. And what I like about Uee's portrayal is that, she can show the pain hidden within her character while the character tries to be strong in front of others. This is where the fault and cons of this drama appears. A rich girl dressing up as a poor girl with the only agenda to find a man? A man finding out, she is rich and approaching her just because of it to rise in status? That's just "She's all that" with utterly unappealing characters. second lead (hyungsik) pulled off his role well though def a fan favorite i didnt have lots of interest in this drama at first, mainly because the casts not really attracting me, esp uee i dont really opt for.

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there were some cute moments, but the male leads would say some sexist lines every other episode so that was a major turn off.

Not dislike the uee and sung joon but i think their chemistry really weak. I read the reviews before watching so I didn't have my hopes up for this drama, but was I pleasantly surprised! example Jung Eun-Pyo who portrayed as an eunuch to king Lee Hwon. don't waste your time with this one...starts off well but really quickly becomes a bad drama :( PHS, LJY and SJ were fine, UEE not so much (or maybe it was her character that was just written so horribly? also, she had more chemistry with LSW..played her brother). In a way I feel that the two main couples should have had their own separate drama series. but in the end she gave in when she saw her son suffered a lot. shes so affectionate and caring, though lacking in money, but full of spirit and had a positive disposition in life. look how messy the household of jang woon shik was. though typical rich girl-poor boy relationship but its fun to watch. Love the second couple so cuute Sung Joon is a terrible actor, worst Main ever. I don't believe it's management when it's been in more than one kdrama. If he still alive he deceived all of his family and her mother who love her so much.

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