Magnesium sedating

06-Aug-2017 11:13

Proto Sorb Magnesium: A patented formulation that crosses the blood-brain barrier, magnesium L-threonate is most helpful for cognitive function and anxiety.And due to magnesium’s sedating effect, it is beneficial in promoting restful sleep when taken at bedtime—a boon to those suffering with insomnia.

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Reacted Magnesium: This is a powder that provides magnesium bisglycinate chelate, suitable for many health concerns including insulin regulation, fatigue, bone health, and muscle cramps associated with exercise.

I fed Freedom Quiessence when he was younger and noticed an almost immediate change in his attitude: he seemed calmer, less reactive and more relaxed.

This was at a time when his anxiety levels were very high and I had trouble getting him to focus.

Magnesium is one of the most common ingredients in calming supplements for horses. However, if your horse is not deficient in magnesium, it probably won’t help at all.

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Second, magnesium is involved in nervous system function and can help reduce hypersensitivity. Horses that are deficient in magnesium may have muscles spasms, tight muscles or exhibit anxiety and in cases where supplementation helps balance your horse’s diet, you can see a marked improvement.Magnesium Taurate: The synergy of magnesium and taurine is beneficial to heart and blood vessel health.

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