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Unlike the usual small glory hole these openings in the wall are large enough for you to stick your head thru and lick his balls while he pats your head.

The thing is that this is a place without games; guys who want to get sucked off don't have to romance a cocksucker.

I was actually trembling as I locked it on to the chorus of smirks from the rest of the line laughing at the new guy.

I was finally inside a large, dimly lit room seemingly full of guys.

I couldn't make out anything until my eyes adjusted so I just stood there until I felt a hand on my shoulder. You've already gotten through the tough part in the sorting entrance.

Believe it or not that challenging system kinda frees you up to admit what you are and once you're through it just enjoy yourself." He was right, my heartbeat was finally returning to normal.

--------------------------------------- Sorted Out at the fun house: I was visiting my favorite city and wanted to spend a night at a very different playground.

All I knew was that an adult website had said it was great fun.

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From six to ten is when it's busiest as the married guys sneak away for service, have fun." I quickly stripped to my jockey shorts noting that this seemed to be the uniform of the day and locked up.

I thought it strange but what the hell and went to get a long term ticket.