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If they love someone else, you have to let them go. I love this 2 kids but if they need to be together they should admit their love started from the heart broken of someone. Shake hand with the winner and say sorry for all the destroy you did in the game.Practice hard and comeback again when the time is true.Because Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend so their love can start and Kimmy choose to broke up for Mark already. Say sorry for your boss, Say sorry for your friend. Mark is a talent actor anyway your job will be precious for sure.I always believe "If the lover don't need to be by the other side then they should break up" (While, if they don't have a child. No need to bear the love when your lover don't have a heart to you. Told everyone you love kimmy and can't help but love her. As his fan I need him to admit that he love Kimmy, He has a mistake for betray some people trust. End the game even you are the defeat of this game with pride.After that they often met up and seem like they date each other.Many people started don't like him because it seem like Mark betray Jett and his family who gave a chance for him to be an actor.That time he had his girlfriend and kimmy had her boyfriend.They had a sweet talk on private chat room but someone spread it around. After that Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend around two month later.

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Mark has to admit first that he is the part of reason that made Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend. Stop talking everything and work hard as much as you can.

Many people thought he shouldn't date Kim because it might effect his job.

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