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29-Aug-2017 11:25

I’d recommend hoovering out the dog hairs before you do though. don’t get angry that I’ve included this and no other American cars.

The reason that this appears is that the majority of American gangster style cars that you place on British roads just look silly.

Phil and Grant Mitchell are basically the Kray twins for millennials, and they’ve arguably reached greater heights than the Krays ever will. For me, this is one of the coolest looking cars in the world and the fact you can pick one up for £1,500 is criminal.

With the money you save you can purchase a decent Savile Row suit, and the combination will demand respect for your style.

However, this is not your ordinary Rolls Royce as it is a unique custom model that is gold-plated.Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah also known as Sultan of Brunei together with his family members is among the wealthiest people in the whole world.