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18-Sep-2017 08:44

In the past months thousands of Rohingya have landed on the shores of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, many of them by way of Bangladesh.

The Rohingya pay up to ,000 to traffickers, and they sail out from Bangladesh's southern coastline on fishing boats to meet larger ships in the deep sea that will take them to Malaysia.

Police say the account also sent six highly suggestive photographs of a clothed groin to the undercover cop posing as a middle school student.

Those crimes are alleged to have occurred on four days in July, in Portsmouth.

Both men and women are welcome to attend the meetings.… continue reading »

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In 1572 a tax was laid on local communities to pay for the relief of the ‘deserving’, workhouses were established in 1576 and Parish Overseers of the Poor were appointed in 1597.… continue reading »

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