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03-Jul-2017 05:53

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If a user wants their identity to be completely masked, Blind, an app popular in Silicon Valley, offers a solution.

All sign-ups are tied to each company's official email and must be verified via that email address.

Blind offers the closest thing to a perfect way to anonymously have these conversations, but most platforms leave people open to the risk of legal action.

Stewart, the media law expert, issued caution when it came to contributing to the Google doc on men in the media.

And while Yik Yak users could not see who was behind any given post, the company certainly could if authorities came knocking. There are places to go if users want messages to stay private and therefore inaccessible to both the company and potentially to authorities. Other apps such as Signal and Whats App offer end-to-end encryption, which means the company legitimately cannot access messages.

If the user wasn't logged into an account at the time, Google would still know the IP address of the device they used.The app Yik Yak grew popular across college campuses for providing a way to anonymously communicate with other users near your location.Unfortunately, it became a place for bomb threats and harassment. Nowhere, but some apps and platforms are better than others.The feeling of empowerment, however, is tempered by a stark realization: even just at such a document can have legal ramifications. And anyone contributing to the list would be a potential defendant," said media law professor Chip Stewart via Twitter direct message.

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"Labeling someone a rapist or sexual harasser is making a statement of fact.

Whats App also offers encrypted messaging and faced court orders to hand over user data in Brazil, for example.

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