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As I embarked upon countless interviews, I soon realised this was a rapidly disappearing generation of women whose compelling stories of fighting in their country's last stand against the Allies should be told before it was too late.The Bund Deutscher Madel (BDM) had never been intended as an arm of the German war machine.The app has done very well, and just a week after its introduction, it achieved over one million swipes.When the internet was introduced several years ago, it changed the way things are done, including dating. More people were able to meet and connect through their cell phones.She, however, left the Tinder to start Bumble in March 2014.

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Reports suggest that Ms Hollingworth tried to contact her relatives in London after being attacked but lost signal on her phone.

Bumble is a well-known dating app that was founded by nineteen-year-old Whitney Wolfe.

Although she was very young when starting the application, she has impacted the lives of many people positively.

The sale of Wolfe’s bamboo tore bags has assisted very many people, especially those who were affected by the Deepwater Horizon that took place in the year 2010.

Before starting Bumble, Wolfe was working with Tinder, a dating app that she helped co-found several years ago.

Dating apps were introduced recently, and they have done very well in the recent times.