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Three young men lured an innocent teenage girl to their apartment, offered her a drink, intimidated then gang raped her. See full summary » It is a story of a several-week-long military duty in September 2014.

A group of military volunteers comes to Donetsk Airport for the first time - the Airport has been held by Ukrainians for more than four months of war.

A supernatural take on WWII pits human Alfred, with his silver-tipped chainsaw, against vampire Arthur - the man who was, and still is, the most important thing in the world to him. Alfred's had his pen pal, Arthur, since the second grade. Alfred is an awkward dork, despite the fact his dad is President.

Maybe Alfred is the snake that heals, rather than one that bites. Biedny Watson nagle znajduje się między dwoma charakternymi mężczyznami, jak naleśnik między młotem a kowadłem. USUK AU: Based on the 2010 Halloween illustrations by Himaruya. Despite set-backs, this newfound level of intimacy gradually draws them even closer together, bringing their already close relationship to the next level.

Babylon'13 - a team of documentary filmmakers presents the first Ukraine-produced full-length documentary film about the annexation of Crimea by Russia. See full summary » A political comedy about ordinary school teacher becoming the President of Ukraine.

He tries to live an ordinary life without all 'President's privileges' and works really hard to build a new country and fight the army of corrupted and deceitful bureaucrats.

But as Alfred gets closer to him, he learns to like the man. She figures that the best research she can get is from an expert. Jones, a male prostitute who is poor and very bored. UKFor all that Britain looks like a ragdoll, he isn't likely to fall apart at the seams. When he's made a spectacle of at a party, Arthur comes at his defense and teaches him that he shouldn't be so insecure, especially around him, not when they love each other so America has asked England out- right in front of everyone at the World Conference.

America learns that lesson and learns that he doesn't need to be there to pick up the pieces, Britain can do that himself. After Arthur is blinded in an accident, his social life becomes all but nonexistent. Sadly, England can't say 'yes', and a certain lover of his gets really mad...

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CHYBA.][EDIT: WYCHODZI NA TO, ŻE SKŁAMAŁAM.]Jakiś czas temu stwierdziłam, że nic swojego napisać nie umiem i wzięłam się za tłumaczenia. He was supposed to be a killer; a protector of unparalleled skill. /high school AUTłumaczenie z angielskiego; alternatywa. The story of a human king, his fairy queen and the worlds between them. But Alfred is just trying to help, you can't push everyone away. UK Eating disorder and mentions of squeamish things. This fact upsets both Alfred, future King of the House of Spades, and his unwilling betrothed, Arthur. A pirate who saw nothing but the future, a naval captain who felt nothing but resentment. But Alfred soon learns calling upon Bloody Mary can be costly... Arthur lost control of his own life the moment he showed the Signs. It has never truly bothered him up until this moment, when he cannot even choose his own mate. He wants to love every single inch of America's beautiful body. Well this is definatly a new mistake, and of coarse it would be his luck that America would find him and demand to care for him until he was fine : Requested by Spiffy Twinx USUK, AU. Autoreklama: moja grupa skanlacyjna Sunshine Translation. Zdarzają się chwile, gdy cały świat siada w barze i opiewając promile alkoholu, z radością patrzy w przyszłość. The measure of a great King is not how wisely he ruled, but how deeply he loved. Alfred, an otaku, wins a bet and drags his best friend - a reluctant Arthur - to a 3-day convention. Arthur moves into a quiet American suburb with the intention of starting a new, calmer chapter of his life. The only thing the two have in common was the bittersweet childhood in which they shared. When the Frenchman in your class harasses you about EVERYTHING? Arthur has told Alfred time and time again not to mess with the legend of Bloody Mary. :: USUK::'The annual get-together was America's idea, and it was a good one; gave him quite a laugh, honestly. Arthur is beginning to feel past his prime, but he keeps going to the club anyway. Masturbation, vibrators DP.'He quickly scrambles up and steps back, gold appearing and tumbling down in a rush and he makes room and backs up and he's in the mist, damp and heavy and clinging, latching on to him like life.' From astronobish's "Alfred the Racist Dragon" AU. The last thing Alfred expected to find Arthur in the world was the supposedly prim and sober Brit in a closet, wearing skirt and heels. Namikaze Naruto has led a charmed life under the protection of the Fourth Hokage. Luckily, one of his upper classmen has the sollution. Then he meets the man who he must partner up with during said photo shoot. Arthur Kirkland did not stick fingers down his throat. Cóż może lepiej ukoić nerwy przyjaciela, jak nie wyjazd w góry? "You still let it stand between us." Americax England.They are accused of murdering a dwarf, whose body was found on the lawn of the ...

See full summary » A very typical post-Soviet era storyline.See full summary » It is a story of a several-week-long military duty in September 2014.