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10-Aug-2017 12:27

The company may be hoping you'll buy now and worry about the issues later, but don't be fooled, clicking the Downloads link at the top of the page leads you to a Free Trials area with the files you need. You're prompted to enter your email address at the end of the process to get product news and updates, but this is optional. We gave up, restarted our PC anyway and a Trend Micro ‘Updating...’ window appeared.

We left the box blank and the installer didn't complain. Antivirus Security launched an update module which warned us not to restart our PC, but then didn't do anything. This time it ran smoothly, completing within a minute, and we didn't see any update problems again.

We found that immediately helpful on our Facebook timeline, as it made it instantly clear which posts and graphics linked to other (non-Facebook) sites.

And although the indicators are almost always green, that only helps get your attention when a red cross finally appears.

The issue with Social Networking Protection is that it only works on supported browsers where you've installed Trend Micro's extensions (that's Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

But if that's not a problem for you, it has other benefits, including the ability to display its safety ratings next to your search engine results.

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The home product range starts with Trend Micro Antivirus Security, a simple package which focuses on the fundamentals, yet still manages to deliver more than you might expect.

That's also better value than most, although Bitdefender's 10 device, three-year licence still tops the overall affordability list at £110 (8) – a smidge more in terms of overall cost, but that’s for an extra year of protection.

The Trend Micro Antivirus Security web page doesn't have an obvious link to a trial, instead referring to a ‘30-day money-back guarantee’.

Unfortunately, the organisation also found the product raised far more false alarms than most of the competition, reducing its score.

AV-Test's April 2017 antivirus report uncovers a high level of accuracy, and it didn't find any problems with false alarms.

There's real-time antivirus protection and blocking of malicious URLs, of course.