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03-Sep-2017 03:25

Now then, the simplification of the formulation provided by Lacan states that the sole reference is the signification of the phallus.

And there is a discourse for this malediction, which could well be called a benediction.

The theory of knowledge has always commented on the miracle of the adequation of knowledge, reserving a place for the-thing-in-itself which, in Kant’s terms, would be unknowable.

From its beginnings, science has been distinguished from knowledge, if only because the former constructs its object.

This is the last of three lectures which I have been invited to deliver.

In my first lecture here I introduced the work and style of Jacques Lacan, and although time constraints did not allow me to go beyond half of what I had planned to tell you, I think I was able to give an idea of the theoretical principles whose uninterrupted development started more than thirty years ago.

These are examples that Lacan considers in his seminar .Science – and by science I mean what was born as mathematical physics in the seventeenth century, and also mathematics proper, born well before that time.