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With a team led by Gold Logie winners Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly, and Under-12s Best and Fairest runner-up Pete Helliar, The Project is the simplest idea in television for a long time.

Arj Barker is an American stand-up comedian who is also popular in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, where his tour has sold out multiple times.

You mean I can find out early if I'm going to die of a super horrible disease that there's no cure for? I was troubled by the presence of a shoe museum because it forced me to ask a very burning question: would my body be able to physically survive the amount of dope I would need to smoke in order to visit a shoeseum? There's so many categories, and I really have no idea what type of shoe I need at any given time.

Hold on a second, could someone hire a marching band, cause I'm so happy I feel like having a parade. If he had enjoyed himself, he would have used Good Times Roman." There are so many types of shoes. The very first day I drove it, a light came on out of nowhere: 'Check engine.' Could they be any more vague?

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Arj is an American stand-up comedian who is developing a huge following in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.Besides, there might be confusion amongst his fans regarding his birthplace (country); as he tours so much around the world. He was born to a European “artist” mother and an engineer father of Indian nationality; and a Sikh by religion.