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Dear Listeners, During the past few years many people have told me how much they have enjoyed hearing the Dr. People have found the show online in several ways -- by accessing the streamed signals of a few of our FM and AM affiliates, by using our "Listen To This" feature at Dr Demento.com, and by accessing various websites that offer pirated copies of our shows without authorization.For many listeners, these Internet sources seem like a godsend, especially in areas where the show can no longer be heard on FM or AM radio.Since then, many more people have asked us why we cannot offer the current show each week on Dr for free, just like our affiliate radio stations do on the airwaves.Here are a few reasons why: 1) Those radio broadcasts are not really free.Earlier shows may include a few selected original commercials, to recollect the joys of past listening experiences.) The initial package includes some of our most recent shows plus shows from our archives.

RAIN's math indicates that the rate would render Internet radio unsustainable, or at the very least, more ad-laden than terrestrial radio -- and that's before the songwriters' licenses are taken into account.The new rates pretty much decimate a large portion of the industry.And, it's only going to get worse, as the royalty rates increase at incredible rates ("2007's rate is a 37.5% increase over 2006; 20's annual increases are about 28% per year; and 2010 adds another 5.5% increase.") Of course, this is utterly backwards and damaging to the industry itself.A webcaster (especially the smaller, independent ones) is a great means of promotion for artists.

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It tends to attract more loyal and well-targeted audiences, who are more likely to want to later go out and buy a CD, a t-shirt or attend a concert.

Typically each show runs approximately one hour and 35 minutes and includes (on average) 30 songs.